Mission Statement:

The Lake Como Park Public  Art Master Plan shall help bring the people of the Como Community’s interest of commemoration together with artists who embrace a wide range of community participation in their work.   We seek to outline how to develop and improve park structure while creating memorial art projects of all artistic mediums to thoughtfully and to actively acknowledge the community’s designated heroes, legends and pioneers as defined by the Lake Como Planning Committee.  We seek to give helpful and tangible direction and parameters for a plan of action. We not only outline this plan of action for both the park and the community, we propose a way to make it sustainable through generations to come.

This plan outlines a direct and tangible symbiotic relationship between park improvements and community well being.  Our approach has been one of a holistic look at the park as well as the community at large.  No artistic project or Como improvement shall be done without the involvement and participation of the surrounding community in a hands-on interactive way.   Artists chosen for the improvement projects shall be those that are sensitive to the need for community interactions.  That does not mean they simply present their ideas at community meetings.  No, we are talking here of artists that seek to actively engage community in the creative process and artistic production.  Artists shall engage with community leaders, community organizations, community schools and community churches to name a few possible outlets for this interaction to occur.

Rejuvenation and bringing the park back to life are our key goals.   Emphasizing the use of the park by the surrounding community is paramount to success of this plan.   Central to this rejuvenation is the family and family activities.  We must create a magnet—a plae people and families will be drawn to, a destination park for all kinds of reasons and activities.  Bringing families to the park will bring back its spirit.  It will bring back its life! 





Through this process of rejuvenation we must be careful to preserve the park’s natural gems.  Years of neglect or, at best, passive interest, has ultimately helped this park.  Wildlife and natural plant life is now abundant and coexist within the existing ecosystem of the park.  Of particular interest is the area south of the Lake Como dam.  This park has become a center city treasure for natural ecosystems  that are now actively in place.  We must respect these systems as we strive for the presence of more people and activity.In acknowledging the memorial process now set in motion by the planning committee, we realize that experience is key.  Our goal is to create interactive memorials to the great people of this community.   It is our way of activating the park, of bringing back to life those who played a role in the community. Life through experience is key to activating this park!  Artists and art of all media— songs, stories, art works, poetry, etc. —shall be the catalysts for this to occur.This approach will create interaction, participation and engagement.  The park will breathe life.It is our ultimate goal for this Master Plan to have a lasting impact well into the future. Sustainability for Lake Como and the surrounding communities is paramount.   


See the entire DRAFT - Lake Como Master Plan 

By Anitra Blayton and Mel Ziegler