COLLECTION | Chronicles of Como

This piece was conceptualized as a graphic, layered glass façade that changes based on your point of view. Artist Adam Neese’s other photographic projects have involved looking at and through translucent or transparent materials to find new images that naturally happen through the printed page, for instance. Working on this piece for the Como community, Neese wanted to provide a metaphor for the experience of being part of a community or being outside it; that the way you see your peers and relationships differs depending on where you are standing.

Prominently, the front (recto) layer of graphic film is a collage of figures and buildings in purple. The figures are illustrated from captured silhouettes of the community members themselves performing activities. These have been arranged to represent movement forward, a concept found in conversations with community members and celebrated in the annual Como Day on 4 July. Photographs of buildings from several collections and archives comprise the foundation for the buildings layer which is rendered in gold, a reflection on spaces that are important to the community to date.

On the porch-side (verso) layer is a collage of newsprint and images from historical newspapers including The Lake Como Weekly and the Como Monitor and have been sourced in the city of Fort Worth archives. This layer is translucent white and the black ink which would be printed on the page has been redacted allowing you to look through the words of the past to see the present community marching into the future.

Two layers combine to create a new image dependent on where you view it. From the street, a striking image of figures and buildings is first noticed, and as you look more closely the abstract verso layer comes into play and engages you to look closer, drawing you to come inside. This is the crux of the concept, engaging the viewer to enter into the center to more closely inspect the work and also the welcoming environment of the community.

This public art project was funded by the 2014 Bond Program. Chronicles of Como was dedicated to the City of Fort Worth on February 15, 2020.


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