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FORT WORTH PUBLIC ART VISION STATEMENT | Public Art Helps to Define Fort Worth’s Character as a Vibrant and Sustainable 21st Century City by Celebrating its Storied History, Contributing to its Iconic Destinations, Shaping its Distinct Neighborhoods, and Honoring its Close Connection to Nature

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Final Call for Submissions of pictures, videos, recipes, or stories important to your experience in Fort Worth to be included in ‘Fabled,’ a public art project by Area C Projects for the new Vivian J. Lincoln Library.  Please upload your content by June 26 through the Fort Worth Public Library portal.

The Fort Worth Art Commission will hold a Public Hearing on the Draft Interpretive Plaque Text for the Will Rogers Memorial Center Historic Tile Murals on Monday, June 12, 2023, at 6:30 pm at the Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods, 818 Missouri Street, 76104 (in-person only). The full meeting agenda will be posted by Thursday, June 8th.

On March 30, 2023, the City Council-appointed 1300 Gendy Task Force held a public hearing on the future of the Fort Worth Community Arts Center building.  The task force will present its recommendations to City Council on June 6, 2023.

Sycamore Park Public Artist Blessing Hancock will hold a participatory activity to share memories of the site, dreams for the future, and more during the Soul of Sycamore Juneteenth Music & Art Festival, Saturday, June 17, from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm at Sycamore Park, 2525 E. Rosedale, 76105. The event will also feature local vendors, arts exhibits, a car show, and other activities.


A new public art project at North Z. Boaz Park referencing bees’ critical role in pollination.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | The Welcoming Committee

Julie Richey’s engaging artworks are intended to encourage animal adoptions by the visiting public by presenting the best aspects of our pets: their playfulness, energy, and devotion to their adoptive families. Stop by the North Animal Care and Adoption Campus to meet The Welcoming Committee today!


Barnyard Promenade

Ralph Lauer

Artist Chris Fennell’s twelve kinetic weathervane sculptures were recently installed along approximately three miles of the North Beach Street, from Shiver Road to Timberland Boulevard. Pivoting with the direction of the wind, each unique sculpture captures the form of a native animal, bird or reptile using locally-sourced recycled materials.

Photograph courtesy of Ralph Lauer


Kipp Kobayashi

Kobayashi’s work for FWPA Collective Transition explores the dynamics of social interaction as a result of shared physical space and imaginative experience. Lightheartedly referencing the function of “paperwork” in both work and play, Kobayashi demonstrates how we collectively impact, and are in turn impacted by, what occurs in physical space and our visual site lines.