In accordance with the Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan Update, FWPA utilizes pre-qualified artists lists for most projects, which helps expedite the artist selection process. An Open Call for Applications, conducted via Café, is typically held in conjunction with a City of Fort Worth Bond Program. There is no fee to apply. (FWPA does not publish Open Calls for individual public art projects).  Artists who apply and are accepted into one of two Pre-Qualified Lists may be considered for projects until the next Open Call.

The Pre-Qualified Lists are utilized for approximately four years. To allow for the broadest representation of artists in the City’s collection and give opportunities to artists not currently represented in the collection, artists who have already received a project with the City of Fort Worth are ineligible to apply.  Subscribe to the Arts Fort Worth Newsletter to receive news about the next Open Call and other artist opportunities.

The Established Public Artists List is for artists with substantial public art experience who reside anywhere in the United States (including in Texas). Artists who live in North Texas and have little or no previous public art experience may apply for the Emerging Public Artists List.  Artists who are selected for the Emerging Public Artists List are required to complete a 1-day training workshop before they are eligible for a public art project.

Current Pre-Qualified Public Artists Lists

In 2022, over 250 artists applied: 50 were selected for the Emerging North Texas Artists List and 72 for the Established Texas / National Artists List.  A Review Panel made up of artists and arts and design professionals individually reviewed all eligible applications in Café, scoring on a scale of 1-7, with 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. Panelists evaluated submissions based on factors such as:

  • Artistic Merit
  • Artist’s Mastery of Media (Technical Ability)
  • Aesthetic Sensibility
  • Evidence of Collaboration
  • Successful Completion of Past Projects
  • Diversity of Artistic Approach