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The Fort Worth Public Art Program seeks emerging and established public artists working in a variety of visual media and artistic approaches, offering regional artists the opportunity to highlight their previous work in public space including murals, digital, cultural, and studio-based media for its 2022 Pre-Qualified Artist List.
Applications are free & are open until Feburary 11, 2022.

New Stories: New Futures was a two-night event brought to you by Fort Worth Public Art, managed by the Arts Council of Fort Worth, in partnership with AURORA. Curated by Dr. Lauren Cross, ten North Texas artists created new media artwork on the Will Rogers Memorial Center grounds at the foot of Pioneer Tower.
After this presentation, the artists and curator for the Pioneer Tower Iconic Public Artwork, sat down with the Fort Worth Art Commissions Estrus Tucker to speak about the process and execution of these projects.

In memory of Kevin Sloan, a “landscape architect and a mischievous fellow with big ideas.”

“In a handful of meetings I’ve had with him — as he explained how the city was mucking something up, how we should rethink our plans for green spaces — he seemed to me like a guy who had traveled to the future, learned some profound concepts there, and was cheerfully bemused by our struggle to grasp what he was sharing with us. I’ll do the best I can to sum up what I think he was trying to say. It goes like this: leave shit alone!”

Join us for the next Regular Meeting of the Fort Worth Art Commission on Monday, November 15 2021, at 5 p.m.  Please note, this meeting will take place in person at Fort Worth City Hall, Conference Room 2020, 200 Texas Street. Connect with us virtually using the button below!

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | Do Something Good For Your Neighbor

RDG Dahlquist Art Studio installed a sculptural plaza with seating, lighting, and a pathway, at Lake Como Park near the existing pavilion and dock. The plaza is anchored by a weathered steel sculpture that frames the view of Lake Como, celebrating the roles Amon G. Carter, Sr. and William H. Wilburn, Sr., editor of the Lake Como Weekly, played in the founding of the park.


Artist Dan Corson’s design celebrates Fort Worth’s aviation history and links the patterns of migrating birds with those of jets in flight formation.  Corson also translates the city’s “Molly” icon into a contemporary expression of pattern and movement to enhance the experience of traveling through the new Hemphill Connector, located between West Lancaster Avenue at Lamar Street and West Vickery Boulevard at Hemphill Street.

Breaking Ground & Compacted with Care

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center welcomes two distinct emerging artists Jihye Han and Ben Muñoz to the Shelia and Houston Hill Courtyard Gallery. The three plinths that serve as pedestals for the Arts Council’s temporary sculpture exhibition program were designed by local artist Kris Pierce and commissioned for the City of Fort Worth’s Public Art Collection.

Norie Sato

Seattle-based artist Norie Sato, Commissioned Artist for the 2015 public art project on the Chisholm Trail Parkway, has worked in printmaking, video, sculpture, and glass. Her long career includes many site-specific installations that interact with their environment. Many of her public art projects involve urban planning and design, and collaboration with architects.

Fort Worth Public Art recently met virtually with Sato to reflect on her experience working in the City of Fort Worth!