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Join us for the Draft FY 2021 Annual Work Plan Public Hearing at the next Fort Worth Art Commission Meeting on Monday, August 10, 2020, at 5 p.m..  More information on the annual work plan and information on how to connect to the Art Commission Meeting is available in the agenda, attached below.

National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Mary Anne Carter has announced an Art Works award of $10,000 to the Arts Council of Fort Worth for the Pioneer Tower Iconic Public Art Project. This is one of 1015 grants nationwide that the agency has approved in this category.
Additionally, on July 23, City Council authorized contracts for artists Refik Anadol and Quayola to produce artwork for the Pioneer Tower event currently scheduled for February 2021.

The Artwork Implementation Agreement for the Hemphill/Lamar Connector public artwork, Flight by Dan Corson, was approved by City Council on May 19, 2020.  Flight was inspired by Fort Worth’s aviation history, patterns of migrating birds and jets flying in formation. On the Downtown end, a free-standing sculpture with 28 “longhorn/birds”, 12 feet in width, with internal LEDs will be installed in the median. On the south end, another 35 “longhorn/birds” mounted under the I-30 bridge with 5 emerging from the underpass.

Face masks will be required in all Tarrant County businesses and at outdoor gatherings with more than 100 people beginning at 6 p.m. Friday through 6 a.m. Aug. 3. This applies to employees and visitors at businesses that offer goods or services to the public.
Individuals are required to wear masks when in areas open to the public where social distancing is not feasible and where it is estimated that 100 people or more are present.

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | When Air Becomes Sky

The Animalis Works team, artists Dharmesh Patel and Autumn Ewalt, was inspired by the revitalization and conservation of Northwest Community Park as an ecosystem. Particularly interested in its reemergence as a stopping point on the migration route of the monarch butterflies, the team designed a series of larger-than-life butterfly sculptures. Each beautiful butterfly sculpture calls to mind this migration, encapsulating the energy and vibrance of nature

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | Remnants of 1965

Inspired by historic photographs of a peaceful Civil Rights demonstration that took place in front of the A.D. Marshall Public Safety and Courts Building (1000 Throckmorton Street, 76102) over 50 years ago, artist Riley Holloway’s glass artwork celebrates ideals of social justice and equality before the law.  Remnants of 1965 illustrates the unity exhibited in our city’s past that has significantly impacted our present time.

FEATURED ART  | Trail Driver Dreams

Artist Leticia Huerta has created integral artwork for each of the three bridges in the Lower Lebow Channel Watershed Improvement Project; Northeast 28th Street, Dewey Street and now Trail Driver Dreams for Brennan Avenue.


Huerta has worked on numerous public art projects, her studio work is in mixed media combining text and images that allude to personal reflection as well as universal themes about identity, love, death, pain and joy.