THE PUBLIC ART PROCESS | Partnering with Communities Across Fort Worth

A key recommendation in the Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan Update is the establishment of a Project Core Team for each public art project.  Composed of community members and project stakeholders, the Project Core Team provides valuable input during the planning, artist selection, and design phases.  In addition, the team helps communicate project updates to their neighbors and participates in the artwork dedication event and ongoing stewardship of the artwork. The result is a streamlined public art process and the commissioning of artworks that resonate with the community.

1. Project Initiation

Public art staff meets with City Department(s) and their project consultants to identify artwork location opportunities based on available funding sources.  Staff then works with the City’s Community Engagement Office and the Council Member in whose district the project is located to identify community members to serve on the Project Core Team.  Once invited to serve, the Project Core Team and public art staff meet to discuss approaches and aspirations for the public art project.  Staff presents the information gathered and a recommended artist selection process to the Fort Worth Art Commission for approval.


2. Artist Selection

Staff assembles an Artist Selection Panel, composed of the City’s project consultant, if applicable, Arts Professional(s), elected member(s) of the Project Core Team, an Art Commissioner and, the City Council Member, if they wish to serve.  The selection panel meets to select three (3) finalists and one (1) alternate to be considered for the project from a pool of artists. At their second meeting, the artist finalists are interviewed or present conceptual proposals for consideration, according the selection process the Art Commission approved.  The selection panel recommends a project artist and an alternate to the Art Commission for approval.


3. Preliminary Design

Preliminary Design is the artist’s initial project concept in response to the site, community input, and project description.  First, the artist meets with the Project Core Team to learn more about their aspirations for the project and the surrounding area.  The artist also meets with City staff and the project consultant to learn more about the capital improvement project of which the artwork will be a component or the existing City street, park or building where the artwork will be installed. This information helps to to shape the preliminary design. Based upon a joint review of the Art Commission and Project Core Team, the Art Commission may approve or request that the artist revise their concept.


4. Final Design

During the Final Design phase, staff works with the artist and the design team to address any concerns or suggestions made by the  Art Commission and the Project Core Team during the Preliminary Design review.  As part of the Final Design, the artist must prepare and present complete information about the scale, location, materials, installation method, as well as a detailed budget to the Art Commission for joint review with the Project Core Team.  City Board or Commission Representatives and other stakeholders who participated in the artist selection process will be invited to attend the meeting and provide comments prior to the Art Commission’s discussion and vote to approve the final design or request revisions.


5. Fabrication | Installation | Dedication

Once the Final Design has been approved by the Art Commission and the City Council has authorized the execution of an Artwork Commission Contract, the artist will work with staff to develop a timeline for the fabrication, installation, and acceptance of the artwork into the City’s collection.  As installation approaches, staff plans and implements the dedication and educational programming related to the project.  The Project Core Team, community members, project stakeholders, Council Member(s), and Art Commission are all invited to celebrate the successful completion of the project!