FWPA | Inspiring Creativity in Our City

 As one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, we are continually investing in infrastructure and facilities to serve our residents.  It is important that we engage the talents of artists to enhance our built environment and give it that human touch.  Not only does it contribute to our residents’ quality of life, public art also attracts economic investments and tourism.    – Former Mayor Betsy Price

ART IN PROGRESS | Creating Works to Reflect Our Community

With each new public art project, the City’s prestigious collection grows in diversity.

FWPA COMMISSIONED COLLECTION | Commissioned by the City of Fort Worth

Each commissioned artwork represents a moment in time in Fort Worth’s unique history.

LEGACY COLLECTION | Acquired Artworks

This special collection includes historic artworks, gifts to the City of Fort Worth, and purchased works.




Intimate Apparel & Pearl Earrings (Unified_Csilla Dennis) 2008_sm