Installed April 19, 2024, artist Gordon Heuther’s artwork for the Fort Worth Police Department South Patrol Division, entitled “Vision,” seeks to evoke ideas of clarity, transparency, awareness, and reflection that are essential to effective police enforcement today.

During the COVID pandemic, Huether held numerous virtual meetings, exchanged correspondence with several officers, interviewed Chief Noakes and other officers, and conducted hours of research.  Many of these conversations had common themes in regard to the artwork as well as the profession in general. There was a general consensus among the Fort Worth officers that one of their main goals is to be seen as members of the community rather than a feeling of us vs. them.

 A police force and the community it serves need to engage in open and productive dialogue, where varying points of view and objectives can be seen and recognized. The artwork is intended to resonate with these ideas through the powers of abstraction and beauty.    – Gordon Huether, Artist  

The concept for “Vision” utilizes a unique “basket” that lifts the 7-foot, mirror-finish stainless steel sphere from the sculpture’s base and holds it aloft. The basket is fabricated from steel plates with a blue finish which are spaced around the base of the sphere to create the illusion of buoyancy and to obscure the support structure beneath. The mirrored-finished stainless steel sphere is an eye-catching and timeless representation and reflection of the entire Forth Worth community and the people who serve it. The concepts of dignity and honor are expressed in a modern, bold and iconic manner that will engage and excite viewers.


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