Artist Volkan Alkanoglu has created a site-specific pedestrian bridge to span the culvert along Westcreek Drive, helping enhance pedestrian connectivity from the new Westcreek Drive walking path to the Trinity Trails via Kellis Park, Foster Park and Overton Park. Entitled Drift, the bridge is inspired by the natural formations in and along the creek and the mid-century architecture of the neighborhood. It spans the creek approximately midway between Bilglade and Interstate 20, adjacent to Martin Lydon Avenue on the east and Cordone Court on the west. At 58 feet long and 12 feet wide, the bridge transforms from a smooth geometric form to an organic shape, widening in the center to offer seating for the public to briefly rest and enjoy the view. The ADA compliant bridge was fabricated using methods similar to ship-building, with a steel skeleton completely sheathed inside and out in reddish-gold Spanish Cedar which oxidizes over time, giving the timber a warm silver patina. There are slight gaps left between cedar boards to allow for expansion and contraction but narrow enough that the steel understructure is not visible. The Spanish Cedar will be sanded to a smooth satin texture and treated with an oil finish. The bridge floor includes features that improve traction when wet and deter skateboarders.

The bridge was fabricated by Ignition Arts in Indianapolis, Indiana in collaboration with Lucas Brown of Brownsmith studios, Bloomington, Indiana. This is the third project collaboration between Alkanoglu and Ignition Arts. Upon completion of fabrication, Ignition Arts transported the artwork to Fort Worth.

Drift received the AIA Indiana Merit Award for Non-Traditional Projects. The public artwork was formally dedicated to the City of Fort Worth on June 4, 2022.

The artist’s first infrastructure project, Drift continues Alkanoglu’s involvement in projects that can be utilized and engaged with. “I’m interested in what these pieces can do in a social setting. Embedded in my work is always the hope that design can enhance how we interact, support and communicate with each other.” Here more from him in the video below!


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