To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Gachman Metals & Recycling, Mr. Arnold Gachman partnered with the City of Fort Worth on the commission a public artwork for nearby Rockwood Park.

Eonothem, designed by Mike Ross, is a tribute to Gachman Metals that tells the story of its own creation. Inspired by the facility’s industrial shredder and the gnarled, twisted small pieces of metal it produces, the artist selected one of these unique forms to create on a larger-than-life scale.

Eonothem grew from a desire to weave contrasting layers of chance and intent into the sculptural process. Playing with themes of transformation and renewal, Ross wanted to evoke the unceasing passage of time, unfinished or eroded relics, layers of geology, and indistinct memories. The work juxtaposes the unpredictable organic forms of the natural world against the hard lines of purposeful industry, and its light and dynamic posture serves as a counterbalance to its physical mass.

The many fabrication processes involved are evident in the work, which began as a full-scale foam sculpture totaling 9’6” in height. Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry cast the sacrificial foam work in 10 parts with recycled aluminum wheels donated by Gachman Metals; it was then welded together by local artist Rebecca Lowe. The artwork is placed within the park at the corner of Rockwood Park Drive and University Drive.

This public art project was funded by the Public Art Fund and the Gachman Family. Eonothem was dedicated to the City of Fort Worth on April 27, 2022.

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