FEATURED ART |Trail Driver Dreams

Artist Leticia Huerta has created integral artwork for each of the three bridges in the Lower Lebow Channel Watershed Improvement Project; Northeast 28th Street, Dewey Street and now Trail Driver Dreams for Brennan Avenue.

Huerta’s designs for the Trail Driver Dreams are based on vintage western scarf designs depicting longhorns, along with a cowboy and a cowgirl, and are incorporated via form liners into the structure of the bridge rails. The artist has also created two mosaic tile medallions depicting longhorns, inset into the sidewalk near the crosswalk which mark the future trail connection of the Trinity Trails with Trail Drivers Park. It said that years ago trail drivers would sleep in this area with their herd before going on to Abilene; the artist likes to think that maybe they dreamt about their sweethearts back home. The title also shares a connection with Embroidery Dreams, Huerta’s public art enhancements incorporated into the NE 28th Street Bridge at the north end of Trail Drivers Park.


The artist will be in Fort Worth for the dedication. The public is invited and no RSVP is required. The dedication will be held outdoors at the southeast corner of the bridge adjacent to Guenther Avenue. The event will be held rain or shine. The bridge is located along Brennan Avenue between Decatur Avenue on the west and Guenther Avenue on the east, within the southern portion of Trail Drivers Park, 2502 Guenther Avenue, Fort Worth TX 76106.

Although postponed due to COVID-19, further details about the dedication will be provided when available.


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