One With the Bee, a public art project for North Z. Boaz Park commissioned by the City’s Public Art Program, was recently installed in the north end of the park.

Designed by artist Dixie Friend Gay, the artwork takes the form of a 20 feet tall “flower” fabricated in mild steel. From a 30-inch diameter base it flares to a 10 foot diameter at the top. An opening on one side of the sculpture allows the viewer to see into the center of the flower, which is crafted in stainless steel.  The scale invites the visitor to experience the work much as an insect would an actual flower.  The artwork references the importance of a healthy bee habitat and bees critical role in pollination.

The artist worked with fabricators based in Austin, Texas; Stanley Architects + Artisans, headed by sculptor Lars Stanley, whose artwork is also in the City of Fort Worth’s collection;  Ammonite Intervention, 2015.

The artwork was dedicated to the City of Fort Worth on April 1, 2023.


Dixie Friend Gay is a nationally acclaimed artist whose prolific career spans more than three decades. Her artistic production encompasses public art, sculpture, painting and drawing. Having focused on public art since 1997, she is perhaps best known for her numerous public art commissions, including those at Dallas Love Field, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the Port of Miami, Indianapolis International Airport, Sam Houston State University and Texas A&M Galveston. Whether large scale architectural projects or intimate paintings, Friend Gay’s work is fueled by awareness of the natural world. Nature is her muse and its mystery is central to her work.

One With the Bee Dixie Friend Gay N.Z. Boaz Park

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