When there is potential for a series of public art projects to be developed over time along a transportation corridor or park, artists or public art consultants have been selected to engage the surrounding community to inform an overarching approach for all projects and identify specific opportunities for individual projects that may be addressed as funding becomes available. Several projects have come to fruition along East Lancaster Avenue. The first projects for the Iconic Artworks Plan and Lake Como Park were completed in 2021, and North Beach Corridor in 2022.

Heritage Park Public Art Master Plan


Lake Como Park Public Art Master Plan


East Lancaster Public Art Master Plan


North Beach Corridor Public Art Master Plan


Iconic Artworks Strategic Plan


In order to accomplish the goals of the Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan Update, the Fort Worth Art Commission recommends a Public Art Annual Work Plan at the beginning of each fiscal year to City Council for adoption.  Annual work plans list new public art projects that will be addressed, as well as ongoing projects.  Most projects in annual work plans have been previously approved by City Council based on plans for specific funding sources, such as the Public Art Plan for the 2018 Bond Program.

Fort Worth Master Plan Update


Public Art Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Work Plan


Public Art Plan for the 2022 Bond Program

FWPA MASTER PLAN UPDATE | A Collective Vision for the Next 15 Years

In October 2016, Fort Worth Public Art marked an important milestone – 15 years of working with artists and communities to create distinct and memorable places.  Much like Fort Worth, the program had matured and evolved in the years since its establishment.  The 15-year mark offered the perfect opportunity to review the 2003 master plan and assess the program and collection.  Adopted by City Council in October 2017, the Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan Update seeks to establish a collective vision for what FWPA can accomplish in Fort Worth in the next 15 years.

The plan update is the result of an extensive public process that started in June 2016 and ran through April 2017.  The consultant team – Barbara Goldstein and Associates with Cusick Consulting – worked with the Fort Worth Art Commission, City leadership and the staff of the Arts Council to engage a broad cross section of the community in assessing the existing public art program and envisioning the future.  The consultants conducted over 40 individual interviews and focus groups, along with several public meetings and fielded an on-line survey.  In addition, a talent team of local artists, including Carol Benson, Lauren Cross, Thomas Diel, Jessica Fuentes and Tiffany Wolf Smith came together as “ACT United” (“Artists Coming Together”), to develop and implement an interactive public art project titled, Coming Home: Community Conversations on Public Art that popped up at various events throughout Fort Worth and engaged citizens of all ages to share their perspectives on public art and ideas for the future of the program.  In total, nearly 2,500 people participated in the planning process and shaped the content of the document.

Adopted by City Council in October 2017, the Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan Update seeks to establish a collective vision for what FWPA can accomplish in Fort Worth in the next 15 years.  We invite you to click on the image below to peruse the document or you may download a copy by clicking on the link under “Citywide Plans” below.

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Click on the the Cover to view.