COMING SOON | Rosemont Park

Upon learning of the community’s interest in an artwork that is engaging to a multigenerational, multicultural audience, artist Virginia Fleck designed a sensory maze for Rosemont Park which focuses on connectedness through various forms of weaving. The ninety-eight (98) brightly colored vertical steel beams that create this experiential sculpture intentionally form a three-dimensional mandala, a geometric figure associated with wholeness and healing.

Made of three (3) concentric circles, visitors are invited to explore the maze through sight, touch, and sound. The overall design creates a moiré pattern visual effect as viewers move around and weave through the sculpture. It also yields sound effects as their fingers are run along these beams, which are carefully placed as musical notes. Making their way to the center, viewers will find themselves reflected in the interior beam’s mirrored surface. Each flicker, shimmer, and sound create a rhythmic effect that altogether activate sensory experiences which are designed to bring individuals back to their own center.

Fleck’s sensory maze spans twenty-four feet (24’) in diameter and stands up to eleven (11) feet six (6) inches in height. The artwork will be situated on a curbed decomposed granite pad thirty feet (30’) in diameter, placed in proximity to Rosemont Park’s existing pavilion and playground near the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Flint Street. A new curved walkway will branch from the existing sidewalk as an invitation into the immersive artwork for park visitors. This project has been registered with and reviewed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

About the Artist:

Virginia Fleck attended the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston after studying at the Portland School of Art in Maine. She has created multiple public art installations for cities around the country including New York City, Memphis and San Antonio. Fleck has also participated in several international art events including Pulse Miami Art Fair, Art Forum Berlin, and Manafesta 9 in Hasselt, Belgium. Over the years, Fleck has been well-recognized with various awards and honors including being named a finalist for the Texas State Artist annual award.

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For more information, please contact Project Manager Michelle Richardson at or 817-298-3040.

(From left to right): aerial view of the artwork layout; final location of the artwork; kids participate in a test drive of the maze after school (Fall 2021); and, Project Manager Michelle Richardson, Council Member Elizabeth Beck, and artist Virginia Fleck.


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