Artist | Angela Faz


Angela Faz is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on racial justice, art disruptions, and the reclamation of public space.
Faz has achieved international recognition for their Collective Care hand-carved print upon being selected for Amplifier’s 2020 Global Call for Art. Amplifier Global Call was juried by a panel of senior members of the arts community from the Guggenheim and Tate Modern. Collective Care was recently included in the Prints & Photographs Division Online Catalog at the Library of Congress to preserve this historic moment in our country.
In 2019, Faz, along with eight other women and gender non-conforming folks, created Our City, Our Future (OCOF) to shift the nexus of power in Dallas. While working with OCOF, they met Nora Soto and co-founded Nopalistxs.  Nopalistxs is a self-funded activist art collective focused on illustrating injustices and creating art disruptions that comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Faz also volunteers with civic-minded groups in Dallas to create visionary and inspirational art to inspire dialogue and transformation.
Faz lives in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood with their two fabulous cats and one heart-meltingly cute dog.

In Water has a memory/Remembering, the artist Angela Faz asks the viewer: “What might the West Fork and Clear Fork river bodies in Fort Worth remember when meeting the great Arkikosa River (Trinity River) in Dallas? Faz’ site-specific installation in New Stories, New Futures builds on her past work with the Future Monuments project called “Welcome to the Great Arkikosa” by reorienting how we view waterways.

Water has a memory / Remembering, 2021
Video Projection with Sound