Artist | Angela Faz


Angela Faz is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on racial justice, art disruptions, and the reclamation of public space.
Faz has achieved international recognition for their Collective Care hand-carved print upon being selected for Amplifier’s 2020 Global Call for Art. Amplifier Global Call was juried by a panel of senior members of the arts community from the Guggenheim and Tate Modern. Collective Care was recently included in the Prints & Photographs Division Online Catalog at the Library of Congress to preserve this historic moment in our country.
In 2019, Faz, along with eight other women and gender non-conforming folks, created Our City, Our Future (OCOF) to shift the nexus of power in Dallas. While working with OCOF, they met Nora Soto and co-founded Nopalistxs.  Nopalistxs is a self-funded activist art collective focused on illustrating injustices and creating art disruptions that comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Faz also volunteers with civic-minded groups in Dallas to create visionary and inspirational art to inspire dialogue and transformation.
Faz lives in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood with their two fabulous cats and one heart-meltingly cute dog.

Angela Faz, 'Collective Care', 2020

Collective Care featured in W1Curates X Amplifier, London, UK 2020