Artist | Jin-Ya Huang


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Jin-Ya Huang is an interdisciplinary artist exploring social impact at the intersection of equity, design, and social justice, especially for immigrant communities.

Huang is the founder of Break Bread Break Borders a program at the intersection of community advocacy, food, culture, and storytelling where refugee women are economically empowered by cooking for a living. The women involved are mentored by professional chefs, restaurants, caterers, and culinary consultants.

Huang received a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas and has extensive experience as a public lecturer and contributor to both print and digital publications.

In Your Lost Asian Sister, social practice artist Jin-Ya Huang invites viewers on an immigrant diaspora journey to discover Fort Worth’s three International Sister Cities in Asia–China, Indonesia, and Japan–to promote interracial solidarity and to counter anti-Asian hate for collective social impact. For her project, Jin-Ya invited global citizens to contribute an offering in solidarity by writing in Traditional Chinese, 福和市, words she used to name Fort Worth with mindful intentions. The characters mean “CITY OF GOOD FORTUNE & PEACE.” Multi-generational participants were allowed to interact with the project using low-tech and/or high-tech materials to create these writings, some even in their native languages. These responses were compiled into a video for public display.

Your Lost Asian Sister, 2021
Video Projection

Photo by Danny Fulgencio