Artist | Jeff Gibbons


Jeff Gibbons is an interdisciplinary artist and curator with an extensive regional and international presence.

He received an MFA in Intermedia Studio Practices from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2013. He is currently represented by Conduit Gallery.

In Just Drive, the artist Jeff Gibbons features moving images made in 2016 while filming a short documentary about his friend and his art. Gibbons’ work in New Stories, New Futures is inspired by a question that he asked his friend regarding what he would do if he had 3 days to live. His friend’s response was “Just drive.” In 2020, Jeff Gibbons’ friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After waiting to be vaccinated, Jeff drove to Seattle to see his friend but he passed away just before he left in the spring of 2021, at 37 years old. In memoriam, Gibbons decided to “just drive” anyway, to visit the partner of his friend, and to mourn while on the road.

The video projection featured in New Stories, New Futures was taken while Jeff Gibbons was riding in the back seat of his friend’s car in 2016. The video parallels Jeff’s experience on the road in 2021 where the words “just drive” come full circle.

Just Drive, 2021
Video on Monitor